Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wheelies and Hole-ies

And of course we are speaking of HLYS and CROX. Over the past couple of weeks I have seen dozens of kids in stores all over the place rolling around on their Heelies and I've actually seen two people wearing Crox shoes. CROX reported very strong earnings last night and targets on them are being raised even as we speak. (Notable Calls). But this isn't the chart of a company where the investors expected a good story -

Of course it will get better today.

HLYS also had a bad looking chart - up till a week ago.

I'm not sure why HLYS is suddenly catching fire but I'm not going to invest in either one of them. I think that once a fad reaches the East Coast from California - it is over.


Bullish Jim said...

Alert: here in upstate NY my eight year old is on his Healys all the friggin time. Once a fad gets to upstate NY you can be sure the cool parts of the country are already over it. Sound like saturation to me...


Nice name for post.