Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cramer Speaks - Again

Seeking Alpha - Miriam Metzinger

Hewlett-Packard (HPQ): 'I know a lot of people are saying, 'Jim, shouldn't you run tail; shouldn't you just admit that HPQ wasn't a good quarter?...' No! HPQ was a good quarter. The guidance was good. Mark Hurd has done a great job ... I am telling you to back up the truck HPQ - right here at $40. I see good quarters out for the next 8 quarters ... triple buy!'

He must be taking peyote to be able to see that far. I see a stock that is poised to drop - it's a 60% probability of 36 before 46. If you "triple buy" I'd keep a tight stop.

Quest Diagnostics (DGX): 'People think the margins are bad ... The quarter is going to be good! The margins are good! The stock is cheap! I would buy, buy, buy DGX!'

Another triple buy. This stock isn't cheap - and it is being run out of Dodge by the insurance companies who can't take its charges any longer. That's the problem with a company that relies on insurance to get its bills paid - they tell you how much you can make.

Here's their main competitor - which chart looks better?

Frontline (FRO): 'I say ix-nay on the FRO.'

I don't know why. I doubt that he knows why. Something to say I guess - here's the pivot picture

The guy is a menace and someday someone is going to sue his butt off and win. And it won't be someone who bought one of his recommendations and lost money because he always covers it there - but someone who lost a bundle because of one of his throwaway lines - I say ix-nay on the FRO.

I want you to remember I didn't recommend any stocks to buy in this post - I only reprinted what Jimmy Crack Corn Pone said to do. Do your own due diligence and always keep in mind - Jimmy is at best a 50-50 picker - proven.