Friday, April 27, 2007

Wrapping Friday

Another record. That's nuts. Now we go into the new month (well technically still one day left in this one) and the new money comes into the market.

We've had some crazy moves today - it was raining most of the day so I couldn't get outside much and spent the day glued to my screens. Just as well - I had a couple of opportunities and I took advantage of them. I bought DPTR off a cross over but was premature. I'm holding it through the next couple of days because I expect the market will take off again next week. I added a little to GGB and a little to AKS. GGB is about half weight now and AKS is 90%. I'm still holding JST and will give it another couple of days and if it doesn't move with the market next week - it will be gone.

Here's a story on me - I bought a couple hundred shares of MFE this morning just because I wanted some tech exposure, I like the company and it pulling back from a rise. As is my habit (for want of a better word) I put a 25-cent stop below my buy price and hardwired it into the account. I hit the transaction button and then switched to the accounts screen to ensure all was OK - I couldn't find MFE. Totally confused I went to the stop screen and still couldn't find MFE. I then switched to the execute screen and there was MFE - bought and 30 seconds later stopped out. I think the second I hit the transaction key on the stop order it triggered. Needless to say it sat right on that number for the rest of the day and closed 1 cent below it. I don't own MFE and I never will.

Here is the rest of the story on the Q's -

And isn't that a neat end to an interesting day? I don't know how to characterize this action except - wow!

The INDU ATR is down a bit to 101.44 and this guy continues to recede -

I think this means that the rally continues.

The model portfolio that I wrote about this morning lost a bit (2.31) and posted a 15.59 (ICON was the big loser on the day). The benchmark gained a few to 6.39. Still 9 points of Alpha is nothing to sneeze at.

The three amigos (winkin, blinkin, and nod) are embarrassing to say the least - MSFT broke 30 again with a 1.02 now let's see how long it can hold it - doubt it will be for long - I mean this is the stock that rang up 69% profit yesterday evening and all it can gain is 1.02. AAPL managed to pull within 8 cents of a 100 even with its 1.08 gain and GOOG resumed the fall, or the slide - whatever you want to call it.

The VIX stays in neutral which is just as well (neutral, for those who don't know the code is that region between -10 points below the 10-period moving average and 10 points above the average).

A month ago I put together (and wrote about in the BLog) what I called the "must buy" portfolio - 15 stocks that kept going up through the collapse in late March. It is now ringing up 5.22% (that's one month returns folks). I'll publish those names over the weekend. There's probably a few on there some folks would like to put in their core portfolios.

The good news is the up/down ratio is printing 39% - look out above.

For Monday I'm forecasting an up day.

Coin says tails - looking for a down day.

Coin missed, I forecast a split day with the DOW up and the COMPQ down - only got that half right so I'm giving us both a loss. The score is now Marlyn 27 - 27 and 12 and the coin is 30 - 24 and 12.


Anonymous said...

Good morning. I witnessed the sunrise for the first time this entire week. I was beginning to think the sun was out of favor with the Midwest!

I know you advocate the use of pivot points, and you've made a believer out of me, so I wanted to share with you the 10 minute chart of CF from April 25th. It's one of those rare beauties that screams, "Buy me!" What I saw beginning with the 11:00 candle: Tweezer Bottom, Crossover dissecting a pivot point, a Marabuzo closing at its high, a ski slope, a declining ATR and an RSI(2) spiking past 90. The entire trade lasts 70 minutes and then it's time for lunch and 27 holes!


Marlyn Trades said...

Same stock popped a BOB on Thursday and ran up a buck in 2 hours. Friday's open was nothing to sneer at going from and rsi(2) < 2 at S3 to pivot in 20 minutes. That would have been a quick 2 bucks.

When you get a good stock always go back the next day or so - you might get another bite or two of the apple.

Good for you.