Thursday, April 05, 2007

Jones - A Dumb Name For A Soda

And it doesn't taste that good either.

Notable Calls is out with an article on this one where Piper Jaffray has increased their target from $18 to $31 on Jones Soda - JSDA. Note that it is now at 24.75 so I guess they are a bit late to the dance. If I were to guess I'd say 18 a lot sooner than 31 - it looks over-extended to me. I wouldn't buy it here but if it did come back to 18 I might take a shot.


Anonymous said...

JSDA is one to watch. Pieces are in place for this stock to carry out shorts over the next 6 months, ala TASR, TZOO, OSTK. Timing is more important than being right. Been a while, this might be the next rogue wave thru shortsville.

Anonymous said...

Cramer plugged this stock a couple days ago.


Marlyn Trades said...

Cramer's been touting this one for a year now. I don't like the set up as it is - I just thought that JP raising their target 6 bucks after it was hit was funny.

M.A.S said...

when every one and their bro ham
is calling for $100 targets
on a soda dist. calling it the
next coke and pepsi its time to sell,
had a nice run but Im a seller
here into strength...Good Luck!