Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wrapping Thursday

Pretty mild day all told. I bought the KMX as I said I would - we'll see how that works out. Still holding AKS, a small position in GGB and JST and for the first time in a long time all my holdings lost money today.

I did get to play golf and that was good.

The model portfolio lost money today and closed at 16.20% but the benchmark surged ahead and hit 6.60 a .17% gain. The INDU ATR dropped to 102.61 and that is just fine with me. The rally will continue.

So do you remember AAPL computer, the company that blew the doors off earnings last evening, well it made exactly $3.49 per share today which is pathetic. GOOG, a company that didn't do anything in the past 24 hours made $3.19 and MSFT, well, what can I say - another 11 cents in the till. Mom would be so proud. Of course MSFT reported a 65% increase in earnings (can you spell Cook(ed) Book(s)) and that will drive tomorrow's market and maybe even Mr. Softy will catch a bid or two.

GRA dropped a few cents today on good earnings and OI went up 4.20 on adequate earnings. That's why I call it roulette you never know what number will produce a winner.

This guy is pulling back again

which is good.

The VIX remains in neutral and the up/down ratio pulled back to neutral, posting a 47%.

In the face of all of this exuberance I'm calling for another mixed day tomorrow - yes, that's right, I'm forecasting the Dow to go up and the COMPQ to go down.

The coin, having only a binary nature, is calling for a down day tomorrow outright.

Another tie day leaves the score at Marlyn 27 - 26 and 12 and the coin is 30 - 23 and 12. This year, for all of the record breaking going on - is not as good as it looks.

I'll be back tomorrow with some additional posts regarding the cross over method. Stay tuned. Oh yes - I remember - the model portfolio - I'm working on it.

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