Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Can I Change My Mind?

Everything is up and booming off the lessening-of-tensions-with-Iran rally going on in Asia and Europe.

Oil has collapsed and is heading back to pre-millennium prices, gold has dropped a bunch and surely these infectious good spirits will carry over into the US stock market and we'll all be singing and dancing in the streets this evening pouring champagne into one another's shoes and drinking lustily as the band plays on.

Those of you with any appreciation of history will recognize that last phrase "the band plays on" as the title of a book about the Titanic - and we all know what happened to her - don't we?

Anyway I called for a down day last night because I believe we need one and if this is any indicator (which it is) now I think we are going higher.

Good luck today - as for me - it's going to be 78 degrees and I'm going to play some golf.

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