Friday, April 27, 2007

Some Mods To BOB

When I first began this BLog I did it with one purpose in mind - to share my ideas regarding filters with the general public in the hopes that it would stimulate others to begin thinking about these things and to start looking at new ways of looking at the market.

I think I'm succeeding. Recently I've had several comments directed at possible modifications to the basic BOB and I listen to everything and try as much as I can possibly get to given a limited amount of time and an imagination that is always running wide open.

Anyway the mods proposed were BOB for close above the EMA(90) only and that the volume on the third candle be higher than the volume on the second. So I tested each of these propositions. True to my nature (contrarian always) I tested both above and below EMA(90) and volume higher than 1 day ago and also lower than 1 day ago. I also re-checked the original BOB. The test period was consistent for each test.

The results (drum roll please) ---

I don't make this stuff up - While there is something to be said for each of the modifications in either win percentage or ROI only the original BOB excels in both.

Keep 'em coming guys - sooner or later someone will find the ultimate BOB modification - I just know it.

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Bullish Jim said...

I got one for you! Working on the post as we speak...