Monday, April 23, 2007

It Might Be A Good Week

The Weekly BOB filter has a whole bunch of good candidates for this week and I'll just give you the top 5 of 26 (by volume)


Two of these BPOP and DHI already announced earnings on the 19th. SBUX is coming up on the 3rd of May, PALM isn't until June, and NDE is announcing on the 26th.

None of these appear to be bad on the daily charts but do your own due diligence.

This is not an invitation to speculate in the biggest casino on earth - the U.S. stock exchange where fortunes are lost, hearts are broken and total ruin is the only possible outcome. There is a good reason why the sign - Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here - is posted above the portals of the NYSE. You've been warned.

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Bullish Jim said...

SBUX made my list this weekend as well but it's acting all squishy today. I figure it'll bounce like I expected back in January about the time Cramer's Google short squeeze finally happens. :)