Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Well That Was Fun

And I escaped with shirt intact. Bride of Marlyn has an uncanny knack for losing just a little bit more than Marlyn is winning but she had a great time as did I.

You guys did a good job of keeping the market's propped while I was gone but when I saw this earlier today ...

Which, of course is the last several weeks of the USDYEN on an 8-hour basis - I figured we would have a little weakness today.

Yesterday's NewMoMo also signaled a weak day coming ...

But the good news is the up/down ratio from yesterday was below 50%, in fact it was a very nice 44%. Another good day of selling and we might get that down to 40%.

That would signal a possible rebound tomorrow and, of course, with Friday being expiry day - nothing will happen through the end of the week.

So barring calamity up tomorrow, down Friday and back to normal business next week.


Bullish Jim said...

Welcome back, Marlyn. Glad to hear you had a nice vacation.

Dogwood said...

Welcome home!