Monday, April 30, 2007

Here We Go Again

Anyone who thought we might get a respite from the range bound madness that is overcoming the markets - take a look

Boring - I'll put an update in the Wrap. We'll see how many times it makes that 15 cent roundtrip.

I did take a huge profit from JST this A.M. - thanks Bullish Jim but I won't be joining you in IN.

I did grab some DISCA this morning off my new day trade finder (close = high). That's working out about as well as I expected in this range bound crapfest we find ourselves mired in. I sold DPTR for a small loss - it didn't appear as if it were going to join the festivities when the Q's started going up.

My two workhorses, AKS and GGB, are staying green and so all is not a total washout today.

See you later in the Wrap.

1 comment:

Bullish Jim said...

I just stopped over to see if you were going to try to let JST run a little or if you were going to take profits. I guess I got my answer! I'm still torn on the subject myself.

Can't blame you for not jumping into IN. It got soft and smushy the second I bought it. I still hate buying breakouts and have to force myself to do it. That said the filter that produced it tests really well over the past 16 months. I won't give it too much room to drift before I get out of it.