Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wrapping Thursday

Missed most of today - thank God - but did play AMD for a brief time this morning - lost a dime and HANS for an hour or so and made 50 cents. I played AMD off a two white candle formation and it went one more increment and I thought, based on shaky price action, that I should sell it then but didn't - consequently the dime loss. HANS I played off the white hammer in the first 15 minute candle. The next candle was a red spinning top which generally means wait a minute I'm thinking and this was then followed by a white candle where I took the trade. I was out about the high of the day but I didn't know that until this afternoon when I returned to the office.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be an up day - the three sisters all finished with white candles in the last hour and the VIX is back in neutral territory. The up/down ratio still stays bullish at 36% and the new 20 day highs lost some more to 333 but the new 20 day lows put on over a 100 to 715. The last time the new 20 day lows were over 700 was over 60 days and 10 SPY points ago. Another thing is that the end of the month checks will have been in the process for over 3 days which means that they are now cleared for investment purposes and the funds can start buying everything in sight.

Magic coin is 26 and 12 having nailed today even though it wasn't so much a bear day as a pause. But I'll give him his due and put another in his win column. For tomorrow he says - heads - the bull is back - I agree.

I'll be back tomorrow morning with another screen shot of the IWM and friends and we will see what Marlyn's Curve thinks about all of this.

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