Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tuesday's Wraps

I already discussed the trades of the day - including the one I should have taken in place of the one I did take - but that's today and there is always tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow it will probably be just like today. The up/down ratio is 50%, the new 20 day highs increased again by about a 100 and new 20 lows stayed in the low 200's. The VIX remains only about 5% below its 10 day MA. But the three sisters, the ugly stepsister and the proxy for the 22nd century all finished in the last hour white. It looks to me as if it will be a low volatility day as everyone is making their break for the seashore.

The magic coin racks up another win today and gets to 32 and 19. For tomorrow it says ... heads - bull again - probably will.

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