Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday Wraps

It was over about 45 minutes into the day the market stopped, went into idle mode and stayed there pretty much the rest of the day. These are not good days for traders unless you happen to find some great pick and ride it for awhile and I didn't. I took a position in CTXS and although it was profitable at the end of the day I decided to hold it overnight and may even go with it as a swing trade for a bit. We'll see. As long as the market keeps doing this (and it has been doing it more often than not) I may just go back to buying at 3:45 and selling at 9:45 the next day - seems as if the only way you get any momentum at all is overnight. Once the market opens everything gaps up and then slides the rest of the day.

Anyway for tomorrow another mixed bag - the up/down ratio sits at 49% or neutral, the VIX remains in neutral, the new 20 day highs pulled back a bit but stayed over 600 and the new 20 day lows add 1 to print 292. The three sisters, the ugly step sister and the proxy for the market of the 22nd century, GS, all finished with a red last hour. I'm beginning to think that that is a good thing.

The magic coin goes up one to 29 and 16 and for tomorrow - heads - another bull day - probably so.

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