Saturday, November 25, 2006

PNTR - What A Ride

No I didn't play this piece of crap (POC) - I know of people who did - but for me - well let me say that first - it was, up until Wednesday, a low volume, never-traded stock. You want proof? Take a look -

On Monday and Tuesday it was traded twice - once each day for 200 shares each - On Wednesday it started heating up as a result of earnings. Earnings were - 14 cents per share vs a year earlier where they were -14 cents per share.

Second, for what it is worth, it is an Israeli company that specializes in - road-side assistance. Oh yes, oh yes my kind of company - let me have a bigger piece of pie please - please. - But more importantly - it is below my dollar value cutoff - I try not to play anything below 20 and everytime that I do I always renew my vow to never again play anything below 20. Hope you got that point.

So on a day where there was no action (Friday), someone notices that this little POC is catching a bid and - boom city. All the way to 25 before it collapses.

Interesting enough - the little guy actually set up quite nicely - a standard kiss the EMA 4 and take off kind of set up. See how the stock goes up then slides sideways to the EMA 4? You've seen that set up before on this site.

So had I noticed it would I have played it? Not even if I was playing with your money Bunky - this was a disaster waiting to happen - somebody bought this stock up at 25 points and - boom! Actually a lot of somebodies bought this thing all the way from 15.16 (where it ended) to 25 where it topped and I bet some of them are still sorry today.

That large red blue volume line at 11:30 followed by an even larger red volume line at 12:00 suggests that 11:30 was a "blow-off top" - you've seen those before - on this site.

Unfortunately it didn't collapse all at once - there were still a whole lot of buyers in the game between 25 and 15.16 where it eventually stopped to rest. I'm sure there were a lot of wannabe shorties out there but with the float on this one being about 6 shares - lots of luck - thank God. My heartfelt (actually I'm laughing so hard snot is pouring out of my nose as I write this) but let me say this - everytime a share is sold someone else buys a share. So someone is stuck with about a million point six shares of this POC and I really really hope it isn't anyone I know - and if it is - no I don't want to go halves with you on a really great investment.

Ok all kidding aside I hope that you were one of the lucky ones who bought on the left side of this mountain and sold on the right side. If you weren't and you are still holding - welcome to the wacky world of "investment" - you just got yourself one Bunky.

I can hardly wait until Monday to see if there will be yet another chapter in the saga of PNTR - road side assistance par excellence.

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