Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I made money today I hope you did too. My gold shares were up, my energy shares broke even, UDR the little stock I bought Monday was up and in the middle of the day I bought several hundred shares of ATHR and sold it several hours later for a profit.

I had been watching ATHR because it had attempted to make a run earlier in the morning. Finally around 11:30 it printed what I call a "buy me" formation and I did so. Around 1:45 or so I sold it because it printed a "sell me" formation. This looks like this.

Sometimes these things work out better than others. This was a profitable trade but because the market was off today it wasn't as good as it could have been. As the afternoon wore on ATHR proved that it was wore out.

The figure is a screen cap from which is an extremely good web site that provides both a free service (non-real time) and a real-time service for pay. I use for both post-trade analysis and to scan for tradable stocks using gap-ups and gap-downs.

Everything I know about gap-up and gap-down trading I learned from Trader-X who's blog is listed to the right (Day Trading). I highly recommend both those sites.

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