Friday, July 28, 2006


Boy did I ever screw-up. I grabbed some VSEA at 29.80 and when trying to add to it at 30.10 sold it instead and then didn't check until later. Later, after it crossed $31.00 that is. What a maroon. Don't know why I was so distracted but as they say crap happens and I'm just happy I made a couple of bucks anyway. No sense in crying over spilled milk.

Still holding INTC although it has reached my target. I'll hang on for awhile longer and see where it goes.

Sold TGB and am passing on the gold miners for awhile. I don't like the way they are behaving and would rather not hold any just for a couple of cents of appreciation. Better off keeping my funds ready for a better score on Monday.

Maybe Monday I'll be ready to concentrate better. I'll post the chart on VSEA later and you will see what I found appealing.

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