Monday, July 03, 2006


Well I made money today - hope you did too. I'm holding gold (TGB, BGO), energy (PXE) and UDR, a REIT.

The very first stock I ever owned was a REIT. I don't remember the name as it was over 40 years ago but I do know that I held that stock for about 10 years and sold it at a serious profit. I don't intend to hold UDR that long. I'm looking for 29 and change and then I'll sell it. I found it as a result of a filter I am using that I call 10-up.

This is an interesting filter. It looks for stocks where the 10-day average 2 days ago is more than .25% below the 10-day moving average of its 10-day average 2 days ago and currently its 10-day average is less than .25% below the 10-day moving average of its 10-day average. In other words the stock is turning up from a distressed state. It looks like this.

I think, given this will be a rather weak week that 29 and change is an ok number for UDR.

Metals and energy are still leading up. Don't worry, the taking heads on crapvision will try to talk you out of the winning trades and into something that Goldman or Lehman is pushing - don't let them.

Always remember rule 1.

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