Friday, July 07, 2006


I made money today - hope you did too.

I dumped UDR because it, like the market, was going nowhere and I can use those funds someplace else. I picked up some HANS in front of its 4 for 1 split on Monday. It went up $8 from my buy price and then fell back again. I hate leaving a profit so I said the hell with the split and stopped out for a nice gain. My thinking at the time was if it dropped back to where I bought this morning I would pick it up again. Well it didn't but I still got it back plus more for where I was stopped out this morning. This means with any luck at all I'll have 4x the number of shares working on Monday. It is such a volatile stock I expect it to start climbing again immediately. At which time I will sell it.

Picked up a load of ARRS on a "buy me" set up. This, of course, was a day trade. It went nowhere and I sold for a small loss.

Still holding gold shares and I blew off the oil for the weekend. If it pulls back some more I'll try to grab some before the next rally.

Here's a "buy me" set-up I missed today. I found this one from a filter I've been trying that selects stocks that are closing at their 52-week low. I don't ordinarily like that kind of play but if I can find a set-up like this one it makes sense to grab it.

Unfortunately I was involved with some other things today and missed this one completely. When compared to ARRS which was a complete waste of time I should have had this one instead. Oh well - there's always Monday.

I'll do a test on the 52-week low filter this weekend and let you know how it works.

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