Friday, July 28, 2006


Well I take off to play some golf and look what happens market sells off. Friday doesn't look too good either so I might take the day off again.

It's the last day of the month and that is generally benign. The Up/Down is 35%, the VIX is still 10% below its 10-day average and a new factor, the percentage of stocks making 20 day highs vs 20 day lows, is 68%. Taken together these three factors point to a rough several days ahead (although not necessarily Friday).

On the plus side is the fact that the three sisters (Q's, DIA, SPY) all printed strong white candles in the last hour. While that only works about 80% of the time it might be an overriding factor.

My PXE position was stopped out for a profit. I'm still holding INTC and EZM but today I'm dumping EZM and picking up TGB. EZM is a non-performer. I'll reacquire oil for the weekend.

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