Friday, December 22, 2006

Wrapping Friday

OK - I got my wish - a pretty good draw down for the week - that will set-up next week just fine and we can continue with the bull run. I'm still holding SYMC and DHI with no changes.

The up/down ratio is at 36%, the new 20 day lows are outpacing the new 20 day highs almost 2 to 1 and the VIX is actually 6% over its 10 day moving average and moving into oversold territory. All four majors and GS finished with strong red candles in the last hour and as you know - that is a good sign because it calls for a contrarian position. All in all Tuesday may pay for Christmas for those of us who are positioned to take advantage of it.

Magic coin missed today so he's 39 - 30. For Tuesday he says --- heads - bull market - I'm going along with this one.

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