Saturday, December 23, 2006

2 Down Method – Revisited

I tracked 10 stocks on Friday that my 2 Days Down method output and of those - 5 sank and 5 either showed a profit from jump street or turned in mid-day and began clawing back to the surface for day trades.

The 10 stocks were CSCO, CWTR, SID, NWS, PGR, TMX, TELK, UTIW, WDC, and XMSR. The three that turned green were SID, PGR, and TELK and the two others that were reversing were XMSR and UTIW.

Given that low-volume sell-off on Friday to have these kinds of results on a little chip shot of a filter is amazing.

Simple enough – 2 days up skipping a day in between and then 2 days down with no skip. It included a little price constraint and a little volume constraint.

This is what SID looked like – No blow-off bottom – just an understated dummy spot at 11:30 and then up from there

My filtering software comes from and my charts are from As always I get nothing from either of these companies but I do like their products and think you should give them a look.

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D TradeIdeas said...

I liked the pattern idea in your post, so I took a shot at modeling it with a few changes here.

Your filtering software is stockfetcher - a good package for end-of-day data. Have you ever tried real=time intraday data to model your strategies? I like to read different patterns that traders model and blog about. If you are interested in Trade-Ideas, I would welcome the chance to provideb you all the access you'd need to make an evaluation. Let me know at david 'at'

Best, D