Sunday, December 31, 2006

Wrapping the Year - I Resolve

When I started this BLog in July (287 posts ago) I didn't really know where it would go. I thought maybe I had something to say that might prove useful to the trading community and I've tried to keep it light and entertaining and informative along the way.

I've made some money this year and that is the objective - I've learned some nifty things and taught some nifty things to others and that also is the objective.

I've made money day trading but I've made more swing trading and that is the style that suits me best. I can use my day trading methods to find swing trades (i.e. gaps up and down) and I can use the same moving averages (the EMA 4, 8 and 21) and I can use my filters to find distressed stocks to buy and I can use the same entry methods. Life is good.

Dr. Brett says that you should find your comfort zone and I believe I've found mine.

So for next year I resolve to continue to post daily (where would the magic coin go if I didn't?) and will attempt to predict the market's trajectory on a daily basis and, if I remember I'll even start keeping track of my performance against that of the magic coin and we'll see who's best at year's end next. So in the next wrapping post we will both start at 0-0 and see what happens.

I also resolve to be more patient although after all these years I doubt I will ever learn to do that.

I also resolve to continue to visit my favorite BLogs and offer advice if it can be of help or just words of encouragement if they seem to be needed.

I have more ideas per minute than a beer has bubbles and I resolve to share as many of them as I can with you as time goes by.

Have a prosperous New Year - may you be satisfied - for that is indeed the path to happiness.


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