Friday, December 22, 2006

When Should I Enter a Trend - 2

I ran across another BLOG, Dogwood Report, where the proprietor also does back testing and appears to use a more sophisticated set-up than I use. I added his site to my list and I will be visiting frequently and hope you do too.

Anyway regardless of the back testing methodology we both seem to agree that "down 2 bars" is a good entry position. That is goodness.

But my biggest problem is once I have a filter testing well I keep tweaking at it and tweaking at it trying to make it better.

This morning I managed to make "Down 2 Bars" a bit better. I simply added two lines one that required the close 3 days ago to be greater than the close 5 days ago and a second requiring the close 2 days ago to be greater than the close 4 days ago. Then the rest remained the same - 2 down days in a row. (For filtering purposes I count the last element in the filter as "0" as in "0 days ago" or "today").

By doing this I was ensuring that an uptrend was being interrupted for whatever reason and then resumed. It returned 29800 and change so that is about 18% better than before.

If you look at the MAMA chart in post MAMA Mia you will see this filter clearly.

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