Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Watch Out GOOG - Wiki's Coming

A lot of the content I produce for this Blog is not readily available to the general public because I use my own theories, tools, and methods to produce them. Of course almost all of what I do is derivative - and who doesn't borrow - you see a good idea and then you start tweaking it and picking at it and before you know it you've integrated that idea into something that you can call your own. You hardly know any more where what you borrowed began and where what you brought ends. And that's the way it should be - originality is the key.

In other words - if I wanted to know what some index did today I'd go to bubblevision and let some bobblehead tell me. Then they will tell me some BS for why it was that way. On this site we all know why the market goes up and why it goes down and it really doesn't have much to do with what GE or the proprietors of 8000 funds think. It is simply this - if there is something worth buying it will be bought and if not it will be sold. I know that doesn't sound sexy and romantic like "Santa Claus Rally" but which one do you think makes more sense? You do believe in Santa Claus don't you?

If I wanted to know what the market is going to do tomorrow I'd come here because here is the only place with the cockamamie up/down ratio and new 20 day highs - new 20 day lows and last hour candlesticks and blah blah blah that has any original thinking. Besides, as you know, the magic coin is better than Cramer and millions of people listen to him.

Folks there is nothing wrong with original thinking.

The guy that founded Wikipedia realized a dream and it probably wasn't his but a dream of researchers all over the world. A quick, mostly accurate place to begin a quest. And, yes, I know sometimes the articles, especially the bio's are pretty bad and somewhat inaccurate but there is an awful lot of really good stuff in there. I have discovered that if I want to know anything about just about anything instead of going to Google I go to Wikipedia. Instead of getting 11 million results that I'm not going to use I usually get exactly what I was looking for. I've also heard, anecdotally, that the rest of the world is catching on to this too.

For instance I just wanted to remember the formula for the relative strength indicator(RSI). I know I have it in about three books in my bookcase, and probably in four or five folders on my hard drive - but I simply typed "RSI" in Wikipedia's search box and then selected from the dozen or so "RSI" they have listed. Within 30 seconds I had my solution.

Now I've heard that the Wikipedia folks are going to join with Amazon to build a search engine. My recommendation - for those of you invested in GOOG or BIDU - take the profits and run. Wikipedia is an original idea born of the Internet for the Internet - within a couple of years they will overwhelm the search space and that is one IPO I want to get in on.

UPDATE: No sooner do I get it posted than TradingGoddess (a GOOG holder) comes along and sends me to a post containing the same old same old about Wikipedia - and that - folks - is the whole point - not even the criticism is original. As I said - there is nothing wrong with originality - why at one time or another even GOOG was original.


TradingGoddess said...

O.K. right off the bat, I have to laugh so hard! I OWN a wiki!


Now, I will go back and read your post.

TradingGoddess said...

This guy renews his Wiki prediction.

Marlyn Trades said...

I don't believe I said that "wikipedia" would be part of this - what I said was the originator of wikipedia and amazon are joining forces to make a new search capability. I implied that if it were as good as wikipedia - as innovative and flexible then it would be a winner. It would be better than GOOG and everyone would go there.

Everyone knows the problems with wikipedia.

BTW - I don't even know what a "wiki" is - should I look it up on GOOG?

TradingGoddess said...

Don't rush right over to my blog and invite me to see your new post in the future if you are going to put it in that light. Sheesh!

And if you want to verbatim it... you said "Now I've heard that the Wikipedia folks are going to join with Amazon to build a search engine" which implies Wikipedia.

And, did you not even read the very first post where I said I OWNED a wiki???

Am I on Candid Camera? Is this one of those "blog goofs" that you guys love to do?


Marlyn Trades said...

I didn't "rush" I coincidently wrote a post taking the opposite side of GOOG = the post was about originality and maybe I should have just said - someday somebody with a better idea will come along and GOOG will be yesterday's news - it always happens that way.

Sorry for any misunderstanding.

The cult of GOOG can now resume.

TradingGoddess said...

GOOG cult - LOL! hehehe

Do I have to wear some type of GOOG robe? HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

Here is a what if:

What would happen if one of the "somebody"s you mention comes along with a better idea turns out to work for GOOG? Woweeeee!