Sunday, December 24, 2006


Years ago I decided that I liked whiskey too much to make it my regular drink but I didn’t want to give it up completely.

So I made myself a promise – I said I would only drink whiskey on Christmas Eve. I will only drink a couple of shots and then I will sleep well and not touch it again for another year.

Don’t get me wrong I have wine and beer regularly with my meals and a cocktail every now and then and there is little better in life than a snifter of good Cognac by an open fire. I just don’t drink whiskey because I love that drink too much.

This year I celebrate the 25th anniversary of that promise with smooth and delicious Crown Royal – Traditions! – ya gotta love ‘em!

Hopefully this holiday finds you well and that the New Year dawns with bright new promise. May prosperity and light fill your life with joy.

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Bullish Jim said...

I'm strictly a beer man myself but that sounds like a pretty good tradition to me.

Have a great Christmas!