Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday Wrapping It Up

I lost money today - $127.00. How did I do that? I played a stock without waiting for a set up. I played YHOO off a hunch and my hunch was wrong - it might be right someday but today it was wrong. Other than that I went and played golf.

Tomorrow should be a day of rest - this market has got to be tired. The up/down ratio is 68% and the new highs vs new lows is running 1525 to 117 an incredible spread. The VIX is 5% below its 10 day moving average which is always troublesome. Two of the three sisters finished the day in the red. So I think it will take a rest tomorrow and I will too.

The magic coin called out the bear and was wrong so now it sits at 18 and 7 and for tomorrow it says ... tails - bear is coming.

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