Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another Crappy Tuesday Wrap

The title says it all - I made about $18 today on three trades because I got out of two too soon and one too late. Didn't lose money on any of them just whipsawed by a dumbass market. I have no idea what is going to happen from here - the up/down ratio stays below 50%, there are 200 more 20 day lows than highs and the 20 day lows are greater than 600. The VIX remains in neutral territory. Meanwhile the three sisters although closing green actually finished the end of the day in the red which is always a bad sign.

I expected the market to finish strong at the end of the day not start strong and then fail. I think tomorrow it reverts to form and goes down - no matter I'm flat.

One of the stocks I traded were AMR on the oil decrease. It was steaming up and then the pilots union started screaming about raises now that the airlines are recovering - what a bunch of jerks - I sold at breakeven including commissions. I also played CSCO off the 4 minute charts where the 4 EMA crossed the 21 EMA going up. I dumped it at about a dime because I didn't think it was going anywhere and it turned around and continued up. I had H for awhile until the collapse this afternoon where it dropped and stopped out. Fortunately I had moved my stop to a profit level about 14 cents above my buy point. What absolute crap.

The magic coin is 16 and 3 since it missed today. For tomorrow --- tails - bear again. I agree this market has got to go down in order to get some volatility.

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