Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday Wrapping the Fish

What a stinky day - actually strange - I took positions in RHAT and BGO (a gold miner) and made a little bit of money in each of of them. I expected the market to go down and it went up. I don't know what is powering this market but if it wants to go up - go up it will.

The numbers however say it shouldn't. The up/down ratio remains at 60% and there are 1234 new 20 day highs vs only 126 lows. That in and of itself should make the market go down - there literally isn't anything left to buy. The VIX remains neutral and the three sisters finshed the last hour in the red, but weakly. Who knows?

Maybe the magic coin - it's now 17 and 4 having called today correctly. For tomorrow ... heads - bull market again.

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