Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Good Tuesday Morning

It looks like I got the bounce I was looking for on SAI which is good and now I can close the book on Monday with a nice profit instead of a loss. But that's not what I'm here to talk about - instead I want to talk about the value of reading BLOGs - there isn't much. Some are humorous and some are informative and some are both and manage to stay that way. I don't know what this one is but I think it might be a bit of all the above at least I hope so. I mean I'm the only one with a magic coin (that was right about today by the way) so that is something.

But I have had to cut them back again - amazing how I keep cutting back over and over again. The fact is you can read BLOGs all day long and not get anything else done and at the end of the day feel as if you accomplished something but in reality all you did was read other people's BLOGs all day long and you probably don't even have a new idea to show for the effort.

Worse yet you might even be tempted to comment on what someone has written and next thing you know you are involved in a discussion with people whom you probably wouldn't give the time of day to if you met them on the street - well maybe you would do that but you certainly wouldn't give them financial advice nor take any from them.

Even worse than that is you might get involved in a trading chat room and wind up giving buy and sell advice on individual stocks to people who don't know you from Adam's house cat and worse yet they might even take your advice - even though sometimes it is pretty good you must always remember the first rule - nay I say unto you the PRIME DIRECTIVE - nobody knows nothing - including me!!!!

Not that I've caused any harm - yet - and that is a powerful word "yet" so I'm quitting getting involved in other folks BLOGs while I'm still ahead. That will give me more time for my own and maybe I can keep it fun and new and current.

See you later with news of the day.

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