Friday, October 20, 2006

Thursday is a Wrap Day

Took a position in SMH and INTC right off the bat this morning because of the dummy spot formed in the last increment on the 2-hour charts on SMH. Both went up some and I cashed when the momentum was drained. Took a position in ATYT because it looked like it was reversing - which is a dumbass reason and lost about half of what I made on my early scalps. Then I took a position on RHAT at about 11:50 off a hammer at 11:45 on the 15 minute charts - got out a few minutes later on a break even as it broke down. The bottom line is that I made a few dollars on a market that really isn't offering much. I hate those scalping trades and would have been perfectly happy if they had run which I didn't expect since the entire world is so oversold.

The up/down ratio is 54% not really out of the neutral zone yet and the new 20 day highs keep moving up way into critical territory now - 995 as the new 20 day lows languish at the bottom printing 155. The VIX remains irrelevant to anything but the three sisters all printed white candles in the final hour of trading. A good sign but this is a weak market that needs to go down before it can resume a healthy climb.

Mr. Magic Coin is 20 and 10 having gamed today correctly and for tomorrow --- heads bull market again.

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