Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Got it wrong again strong start - weak finish. I was looking for the opposite effect. I think tomorrow is set up to be just like today. The VIX is back within 10% of its 10 day moving average but not by much, the up/down ratio is 50% which is an increase from yesterday, the 20 day high/low figures are 551 to 169 and the 551 is just barely above the 500 cutoff. The three sisters finished the last hour with white candles although all three of them were little more than doji. But the previous hours were all strong and as I've pointed out before a doji is just a resting signal and it takes the attributes of the previous candle in most instances - so we could call them strong white final hours of trading.

Good trading all. If I see anything worth watching I'll post it at 10:15 tomorrow.

If not I won't.

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