Monday, August 28, 2006


A good day. I played INTC off my targets list. Didn't get much but a win is a win.

Of the others, GM, SGP (typo'd to SCP on Sunday night), KR, SYMC, VRSN and WMB all went up but only by nickles and dimes. Not really worth the time or effort.

Tomorrow should see a down day. The three sisters all closed the last 2 hours in the red. The new 20 day highs vs lows printed 739 to 185 and the up/down ratio sits at 61%.

The VIX stays neutral but volatility as a whole is down which is what makes trading at least on a daily level pretty bad. No volatility no price movement no big run no big profit.

Targets for tomorrow will include AIRM, ATHR, AVT, AXS, MAT, and ORB.

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