Thursday, August 31, 2006


What a bad day. I took a loss today on TLAB. Shouldn't have but I did. Shouldn't have even purchased it in the first place. Don't even know why I did. That was just stupid.

Anyway I was wrong again - you'll never go broke fading my predictions. For tomorrow - who knows. New 20 day high/low sits at 960 to 159 - still nothing to buy low and sell high. The up/down ratio sits at 50% which I would call neutral and all three sisters finished with strong and I mean really strong red candles.

Four of my targets went up and four went down - I had none of them - I bought TLAB instead - dumb dumb dumb.

Oh well - maybe we can get through September in one piece. One more day like today and I'm going to take off until October. Probably not.

No targets for tomorrow yet - maybe later.

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