Saturday, August 12, 2006


Strange week all told. I did some trading yesterday - was stopped out on two - KOMG and NVDA the first for a small win the second for a small loss. I then took a trade on ATHR in the afternoon. The idea behind that one is simple - it looks like it could go up. I held it in good old swing trader fashion and if I can get a pop this coming week I'll take it.

ATHR on the weekly charts is a good looking dip. It just rebound off the EMA 90 which is a good sign. Its EMA 8 is about 10% below the EMA 21 and the MACD is turning up. It through off a gravestone doji this past week which indicates that it is resting and after a rest it may rebound to 20.

The daily chart has another pattern that I like a strong impulse move down on lower volume associated with an EMA 21 that appears to be flattening and turning up coupled with an EMA 8 that appears to be approaching the EMA 21 from below. The MACD is also ascending from below the 0 line.

It could be a good swing trade and I'll hold it for a little while and see what happens.

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