Friday, August 04, 2006


Well it's after noon and I'm pretty much done for the day. Had two positions, PWR (again) and LPL. The latter just faded away and I sold it out for a 20 cent loss. PWR went up 30 cents so I'll make a few bucks today (enough to buy a frozen crapaccino from SBUX).

Q's have folded for the day which I expected. I'm surprised that spy and DIA are still in the green. The VIX has been climbing since about 11 A.M. and I wouldn't be surprised to see everything in the red - and up jumps the devil - spy just went over to the dark side. DIA is just a dime away from capitulation. And I'm out of my trades for the day and the week. Flat and happy.

What I did yesterday was take some of my profits from the past several days and buy a 19" LCD monitor. This morning I installed it and now I don't know why I didn't do this years and years ago. It allows me to keep my trades on the screen while I do other things and that is a wonderful thing. No more jumping back and forth trying to see what's what. I'll be back later this weekend with a wrap and a projection for next week - can't wait.

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