Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wednesday Wrapped

Took positions in VRSN and RHAT today. VRSN set up to look like it was going to break out and didn't. RHAT dropped 6 bucks off an "in line" report (isn't that the dumbest ass thing you ever heard of) and also started looking like it was going to hit the offer. Then the entire market levelled off and fell and bounced around a bit and I wound up with small losses on both of them.

All in all the moron's on CNBC will report a successful day - I say it was just crap. Of course there were several opportunities that I passed and that worked well but I already had my quota for the day.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be another dull day and that dullness will probably continue through Friday. I'm tired and I'm going to take the next couple of days off.

Anyway the three sisters all finished in the white today but the up/down ratio stays above 50% but not too bad - 52% - which is a neutral reading. The 20 day new highs pulled back but so did the 20 day new lows - a real barn burner of a day.

The VIX remains solidly in neutral. Coupled with the fact that this week is historically up and I believe both tomorrow and Friday will be bullish but not extremely so.

Stupid magic coin is 14 and 2 (nobody is that good - nobody) and for tomorrow it says - - - tails - bear a comin'. Could happen but I believe Friday will finish the month up strong. We won't know the magic coin's take since I only spin it once a day.

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