Wednesday, September 13, 2006

One-Way Directed People

I don't rant often but I just ran across a web site written by a prolific writer who seems to have a (wrong-headed) opinion about everything. Maybe not wrong headed but definitely one-way directed. As they say even a broken watch has the correct time twice a day - so it is with this guy - every once in awhile he is probably correct in his one-way of looking at things.

I wondered WTF until I noticed that he hailed from Kansas and all of a sudden things became crystal clear - Kansas - OK - what else comes from Kansas - hot air and bull snot - and that explains a lot of things.

Kiddies - remember rule 1 - nobody knows nothing - including me. So be careful out there - this guy makes his living as a financial advisor and I wouldn't take his advice about anything including what toilet paper to buy or what color to make my place mats. He is - in short - a dumb ass as are all one-way directed people especially those from Kansas.

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