Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday Wrap-up

Made five trades today and made money on all of them. Took positions on ALTR, ATHR, CHKP, DHI,and SYMC. Maybe I have my mojo back. But and this is a big but - five trades are three too many so I have to watch my step.

Tomorrow should be an up day. The up/down ratio sits at 38% there are 655 new 20 day lows vs 486 new 20 day highs, the VIX is way back in neutral territory (+/- 5%) and the three sisters all finished with white candles. All of that spells an up market.

The magic coin is now 3 and 1, it called for a down market today and missed. For tomorrow the coin says ... heads - bull market.

We'll see.

Anyway I've been doing some research on the 2-hour charts and I think I might have some good information there. If it pans out I'll do a posting later tonight or tomorrow with my preliminary findings.

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