Saturday, September 16, 2006

Patience is a Rule not a Virtue

I am too impatient when I'm trading (among just about everything else) That is a fault that I have to work to overcome. I made three charts to put up on the wall of my trading station room so that they will always be in front of me. Some people such as myself need constant reminders until it takes effect. I chewed nicotine gum every day all day long everywhere I went for over 18 months until I finally was able to give up smoking. In that time I never took a cigarette, pipe, cigar or any other kind of tobacco but I chewed the gum. Today I am smoke free for over 5 years after being a nicotine slave for over 30. Anyway here are the "patience rules"

These are self-explanatory and you are welcome to copy them and use them for yourself.

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