Friday, September 15, 2006

Stop Crying

In the past month somebody (not me) made a ton of cash selling oil, nat gas, and metals to the retail trade (let's hope it wasn't the all knowing fund managers coming late to the party). That means that a lot of cash is out there to be put back to work - where else except a rotation into (select) tech?

While tech is going up it isn't booming nor is it universal. But when little crap companines such as FNSR start catching a bid you know something is up. When ORCL starts burning you really know something is up.

The airplane patch is also catching a some bids - I'm making my year from stocks like AMR. This is probably because oil is going down - but I don't care why. All I know is that the charts say - "buy me".

Now I could sit around and ask "whyyyyyy" or I can take a few bucks and make a few bucks. And since that's what I do - that's what I'm doing.

I've lost a small fortune trying to predict the bottom in anything and outguessing the market - I've made a small fortune just going with the flow. There's a river of money running through this box (computer) in front of me and everyday I reach in and try to catch a couple of Benjamins. I'm not bothered with the "why" part of it anymore.

And though I may turn the air blue with a stream of invective every now and again - I never cry.

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