Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Not bad - I took positions in BRCM, BEAS, NOK and RBAK and made some money in all of them. NOK and RBAK I took after noon in the second wave. I sold out NOK at the close and held RBAK overnight. I think it will bounce in the morning and I'm going to grab a few more cents if it does.

Tomorrow should be interesting - QQQQ and DIA both finished with last hour white candles and SPX finished with a Doji. The VIX remains neutral and the up/down ratio sits at 53% up and 52% up on the 10 day average. The new 20 day highs vs lows printes 1222 to 103. 1222 is getting up there in the stratosphere. If I were to guess I'd say tomorrow is more of the same like today.

The coin flip is now 1 and 0 correct. For tomorrow the magic coin says - tails - bearish.

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